What is the best anti-ageing supplement? Natural Anti-Aging Supplements | Xalo Ageless

What is the best anti-ageing supplement? Natural Anti-Aging Supplements | Xalo Ageless

Best anti-ageing supplement review? Natural Anti-Aging Supplements and Xalo Ageless

I’m trying out Xalo’s Ageless supplement at the moment.
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Xango who produce Ageless recommend a 6 month trial, to give your body time to change. Makes sense to me. The red cells in your blood last for around 4.5 months.

Xalo Ageless formulated to slow down the ageing process. My philosophy on ageing is to actually embrace it. Look forward to it and don’t fear it. I believe your body senses the way you feel about yourself and your thoughts vibrate throughout your body.

On a cellular level however, I believe we can really give ourselves an advantage by feeding our cells the best nutrients so that they can regenerate and protect them against free radicals which cause aging..
I love learning about the power of plants. My health philosophy is that I believe using natural products are better for us. Natural products work in tune with your body’s natural processes and this promotes health and wellbeing.

Ok so how do we age? I think the best way to understand aging is to think of photocopying your favourite photo. First time you copy, it’s pretty good. Now take a photocopy of the photocopy, not perfect, but not bad. If you keep photocopying the copies, you’ll eventually have a fuzzy and imperfect picture. This is what happens with cell reproduction. Free radicals can damage the cell walls - which are then copied - more damage can happen - our cells are again copied - this is how we age - for example our skin cells can be damaged by the sun, pollution, smoking or lack of good nutrients and therefore we lose our elasticity over the years, which results in saggy skin. Yay.

In the cell regeneration blend, Xalo Ageless uses the amazing mangosteen fruit or Garcinia Mangostana - Mangosteen just has so many healthy benefits for your body - it’s crazy. It supports the immune, intestinal and respiratory systems as well as having powerful antioxidants to combat free radicals that damage our cells.

Another outstanding herbomineral used is Shilajit. I had never heard of Shilajit before - although I do like saying the word Shilajit haha - In Sanscrit the word Shilajit means “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness” It’s naturally found growing in the Himalayas and has been used in traditional medicine. It’s super high in fulvic acid which helps restoring the cell energy balance and recent studies suggest this can help in the control of brain cognitive disorders associated with ageing - like Alzheimer’s disease.

The rejuvenation blend uses L-Leucine which is an essential amino acid. Our bodies cannot produce this so we get it by eating protein like meat, dairy products, eggs, whey protein, or by taking it as a supplement. Most people consume protein shakes because they know protein helps with the muscle building process. Researcher have found that its the presence of L-Leucine that is the key to switching on the body’s muscle building process. As we age our muscles tend to deteriorate so any extra help to maintain muscle mass is great.

The other blend is the Cardiovascular blend which has Grape Seed & Grape Skin Extract which promotes healthy skin and eyes plus Beet Juice powder which aids blood circulation.

So the best time to take Xalo Ageless is about 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Because this is the body’s refresh and repair time. You can mix with about 250mls of water, then shake and drink immediately.

I believe the benefits of using the natural supplement will pay off in the long run. I’d rather take care of me now than pay for medical treatments in the future. You can Google Xalo Ageless and see some awesome videos and research on the natural ingredients used and they might explain it better than me!

States in the USA that have the highest sales of Ageless are Texas, California and Michigan but these change all the time in my observation.

Thanks for watching my Xalo Ageless review.
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I hope it’s been helpful. I’ll leave a link in the description for more information about Xalo Ageless where you can read the FAQ, or feel free just to contact me with any questions. Xalo Ageless is hard to get a hold of in New Zealand without a distributor, but I can help you out, if you wanted to try some. Thanks again, See ya!

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