Type 2 diabetes secrets and cures

Kind 2 diabetes is not a "condition," it's a physical pattern that could be quickly reversed making use of these 3 easy approaches. Mike Adams, the Health and wellness Ranger, discloses the cure.



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Type 2 Diabetes Secrets And Cures

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Type 2 diabetes secrets and cures

Type 2 diabetes is not a "disease," it's a physiological pattern that can be easily reversed using these 3 simple strategies. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reveals the cure.



  1. I’ve noticed fat, grease, oil are worse than sugar

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  7. Nice advise 1. Avoid all types of drinks except water.2. Walk everyday
    avoid car or bus3. Avoid all serials for breakfast check sugar in label one
    of the main culprits are rice Krisp.4. Prepare nice food and ad lots of

  8. 1st year medical student understands that by the time type 2 diabetes is
    diagnosed about 50 percent of the normal function of the pancreas is
    destroyed. Meaning there are 50% less beta cells producing insulin. Now, if
    diet and exercise reverses this in time then yes, you can live a normal
    life. The damage still has been done. The disease is in the pancreas not in
    the number of glucose in the blood. Its an indirect measure of pancreas
    function and insulin sensitivity.

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  10. Chihuahuaization Amelie

    Wow, I can actually listen to most of it. My ADd didn’t kick into much :-).
    Going to subscribe! Thank you. I’m not diabetic I don’t know why I keep
    looking up stuff. It is interesting.

  11. Chihuahuaization Amelie

    What is a trace mineral supplement?

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    doing everything you have said not to do👍🏻

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  16. You are inspiring me and motivating me 🤗

  17. Elizabeth Di Francesca

    I am in Oregon and even our ND groups are now prescribing western meds,
    metformin, glipized, insulin, etc. I am so so depressed, I ran from my
    regular doctor to our NCNM clinics and in one year it jumped, everything
    jumped with all of these meds. I can not handle this any more and I have
    little money for suppliments right now, and no doctor can give them as a
    prescription just meds. How can we get help please ?

  18. Elizabeth Di Francesca

    Trace minerals a good price, any suggestions ??

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  24. REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes

    Lots of exercise with a diet of good healthy home cooked food.

  25. Patricia Moerdyke

    Yes, use Pink Himalayan Salt. It’s loaded with minerals.

  26. Elizabeth Di Francesca

    thanks and I buy 25 b bags from SAN FRANCISCO SALT CO. love it

  27. Stacey Kersting


  28. Stacey Kersting

    KELP! It’s a very inexpensive, readily available,seaweed, ground up. LOOKs
    LIKE black pepper,tastes just slightly salty. Easy to add to any dish.

  29. Stacey Kersting

    Vitamin D- I get it prescription in Oregon. Exersize- Walk and try
    “beginner’s yoga for back pain”. Very easy. Scrap the processed foods. Get
    minerals Magnesium and zinc from pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I mix
    these with unsweetened coconut and a few dried cranberries for a super
    “health nut” mix. Apple cider vinegar is a miracle, too, and inexpensive.
    Look into it! look up selenium foods. Eat them!

  30. Saturated animal fat is 1,000x more the cause for diabetes than processed
    sugar. I myself had prediabetes and cured myself by going on a low fat
    vegan diet.