Treating Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

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This 3D clinical computer animation demonstrates how to alleviate and also handle reduced blood glucose, called hypoglycemia, for clients with diabetic issues.



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Treating Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

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Treating Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

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If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D medical animation shows how to treat and manage low blood sugar, called hypoglycemia, for patients with diabetes.



  1. I dont eat much sugar but i am fine though i feel weak…

  2. Cool

  3. Some times I hallucinate when my blood sugars are low 

  4. Worst feeling in the world is low blood sugar. I found out i had it in 2009
    and it’s been hell. My family has high and low blood sugar.

  5. excellent video. but im a little confused because this wouldnt be
    considered the same as diabetes right? although I know diabetes focus on
    the lack of insulin, i hear ppl say they have diabetes when they have low
    blood sugar

  6. I’m slightly confused on this because none of the reasons for hypoglycemia
    are why I have it. I was born with it and I’m wanting to know if its
    curable or not.

  7. thank you really. i am feeling better knowing that i am not the only one
    who is going through all these. i am mostly confined in my bedroom because
    i am afraid of my hypo episodes. its hard to deal with my severe headache
    too. i should always bring with me some snacks now and fruit juices
    everytime i go out like what you do.

  8. i just started with veggies and fruit diet and more protein as they said…
    and its terrible coz i have never been a fan of veggies and fruits.. 🙁

  9. +Mary Winder thank you Mary for taking time in answering my queries. i hope
    i didn’t wake u up from your sleep.. 🙂 God bless you.. and have a great
    day ahead..

  10. Today, my sister and I were gonna go to the track since we haven’t done
    that in so long. While she grabbed the waterbottles, I went to tell my mom
    that we were about to leave. When I walked in her room, she was lying on
    her bed and I saw her eyes starting to close as if she was going to take a
    nap. Just to mess with her because I love her, I poked her foot to try to
    get her attention, which she hates when people touch her feet, but this
    time she was unresponsive. I only saw her eyelids move a little. Then I was
    like okk, and then I told her that we were gonna go to the track. She
    didn’t say anything or even open her eyes so I just assumed she was just
    super tired. Then I noticed that she was drenched in sweat. Even her
    clothes were soaked. My sister walked in, and I told her, and we tried to
    get our mom’s attention, but she was still unresponsive. We were saying
    that she was scaring us, and she faintly said it’s ok, but we knew better.
    So my sister pricked her finger, and her blood sugar was at 36. We grabbed
    some crackers, some chocolate chips, and aloe juice, and we were feeding
    her, trying to get her blood sugar to a safer level. We kept asking her how
    she felt, and she wasn’t saying anything at all. My eyes were watering at
    this point. She was making eye contact with us and eating, though, so she
    was still with us. After a while, my sister pricked her finger again. She
    had to do it twice that time cause she messed up the first time. At that
    moment, my mom finally said “You pricked me two times,” all sassy, and we
    started laughing. We were just so so happy that she said something! She
    doesn’t like getting her finger pricked to begin with, so I guess having it
    pricked twice in a row was enough to get her to say something. She had no
    memory of anything that had just happened. We made her a meal and explained
    everything to her. Not even 20 minutes before that, I saw her up and
    folding laundry. I’m just so grateful that everything is ok. That was a
    serious wakeup call for us. So here I am looking up youtube videos on how
    to prevent this from happening again. 😂

  11. Is she alright now? Sorry I’m on mobile

  12. +Jayne Dolinsky She is doing much better, thank goodness. 🙂 She did have a
    second incident since then, but nothing we weren’t able to handle. The
    reason the incidents have occurred is because her doctor thought it would
    be a good idea to prescribe her a higher dosage of insulin since her blood
    sugar is usually quite high. Despite that, my mother is at least up and
    moving around even if her blood sugar is really high, when compared to if
    her blood sugar is really low. Her doctor only paid attention to the
    numbers and not her physical health and well-being. Since then, we urged
    her to never use that insulin again and to just throw it away, even. Ever
    since she stopped using it, nothing like that has happened again. I
    appreciate your concern. 🙂

  13. peter sondergaard


  14. This video wants to torture you by stating, “Please watch full video before
    treating your low blood sugar”. *Passes out*.

  15. I’m glad she’s doing alright for the most part. I hope everything stays
    like that! I understand how hard it is. Keep it up!

  16. +Jayne Dolinsky Thank you so much! Have a good one. 🙂

  17. You too 🙂

  18. I get hypoglycemia when I go too long without eating. The symptoms I get
    that they listed are: feeling shaky or dizzy, hunger, headache, anxiety,
    and weakness. That’s why it’s important to not skip meals and have healthy
    snacks between meals.

  19. +chantiaunique There are two different types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type
    2. Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Most
    people are born with this type, or develop it an an early age. Type 2 is
    when your body doesn’t use insulin properly. This kind is usually called
    the adult kind. Mainly caused by not exercising enough, being obese, eating
    too much, and other factors.
    PRE-diabetes is when your glucose is over the normal range but not high
    enough for you to be a diabetic. Gestational diabetes affects pregnant

    When your blood sugar numbers are under your normal range, you have
    hypoglycemia. When it’s above your normal range, you have hyperglycemia.
    Both require medical attention if not treated right away.

  20. OMG ! Sameeeeee…..I just zone out and I try to focus at what I’m doing
    but I just completely zone out

  21. People with diabetes have high blood sugar, not low blood sugar.

  22. +becky Tuffin
    Do you have to take iron pills?

  23. +Laura Rodriguez no I should where do u buy them

  24. +becky Tuffin
    Your doctor can write a prescription.

  25. +Laura Rodriguez cool ok my mates like just drink vodka and bulmers haha

  26. +becky Tuffin