The Real Causes of Type 2 Diabetes (And How to Cure It Naturally)

Did you recognize one in three individuals has Kind 2 Diabetic issues? This indicates you, or somebody you know, is possibly struggling with this totally relatively easy to fix disease today. View a lot more video clip pointers on nourishment right here:

Right here's something your medical professional may not have actually informed you about Type 2 Diabetic issues: It is ONE HUNDRED% way of life associated. Which suggests it's likewise 100% relatively easy to fix. Yes, you really could recover on your own from Kind 2 Diabetes.

Modern medication usually suggests medications and also therapies that force even more insulin on your body. But right here's why that's not the very best point for Kind 2 Diabetes:

Unlike Juvenile Diabetes mellitus, Kind 2 Diabetic issues in fact occurs when there's too much insulin in the body that has desensitized your cells to accepting sugar. This "homeless" sugar stays in the blood stream causing high blood glucose levels that ends up being troublesome. But the good news is with a few straightforward tweaks to your diet as well as way of living, you could repossess your health, reset your body, and also reverse Kind 2 Diabetic issues.

For a deeper check into this epidemic, take a look at this post:

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The Real Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes (And How To Cure It Naturally)

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The Real Causes of Type 2 Diabetes (And How to Cure It Naturally)

Did you know one in three people has Type 2 Diabetes? This means you, or someone you know, is probably struggling with this completely reversible disease right now. Watch more video tips on nutrition here:

Here’s something your doctor might not have told you about Type 2 Diabetes: It is 100% lifestyle related. And that means it’s also 100% reversible. Yes, you really can heal yourself from Type 2 Diabetes.

Modern medicine often prescribes medications and treatments that force more insulin on your body. But here’s why that’s not the best thing for Type 2 Diabetes:

Unlike Juvenile Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes actually occurs when there’s too much insulin in the body that has desensitized your cells to accepting sugar. This “homeless” sugar stays in the bloodstream leading to high blood sugar levels that becomes problematic. But the good news is with a few simple tweaks to your diet and lifestyle, you can take back your health, reset your body, and reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

For a deeper look into this epidemic, check out this blog post:

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  1. *So much more energy now after using this (*
    ***). I am aging and
    I have been losing energy in a big way. I found out I’m pre-diabetec. I
    have to admit it is hard to break all the habits, but now I really feel the
    effects of being stupid like when I drink a soda. Anyhow, I found out I
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  2. Oh, so all this time I should have been telling my patients that they need
    to diet and exercise? Thanks for the insight.

  3. +rmcdaniel423 You missed the point. Are you taking the time to educate your

  4. my bgl has an average of 20mmol/L since I got sarcoidosis :/

  5. Yuri, I have heard so many theories on type 2 diabetes, and they all point
    to sugar and carbs as the culprits. You are the only one I have seen so
    far who has explained the problem of too much insulin. This really makes
    sense to me. I’m impressed and subscribed.

  6. let me say that ive been dealing with this for 2 years now… and since ive
    been watching your video ive become more healthy…. it wasn’t easy but
    you’ve saved me. Even my doctor cant understand whats going on…. a
    healthier lifestyle is the key…. and i thank you brother for fighting for
    us little guys….

  7. Stefan Weilhartner

    i think that yuri only partially right. there are other factors too that
    are additionally a cause of diabetes type 2. muscle cells are also storing
    sugar and if you don’t have not many muscle cells and not working out
    regulary then your body cannot store that much sugar in the cells. this
    also spikes up the insulin to tell other cells to store that sugar (in the
    form of fat maybe). also magnesium and potassium are a key factor.
    magnesium is boosting your energy level which result in using sugar and
    therefore reducing glucose level in the blood. also potassium is very
    important for every muscle cell (and also other cells) to relax and get
    ready for the next phase of exercise – like every heart beat where the
    second small impulse in the ekg is the reload or recovery cycle to get the
    muscle cells ready for the next heart beat. it is well known that with
    enough potassium the insulin levels are going down, cause the cell can make
    use of the blood sugar around it and let it come into the cell and use it.
    also maybe chromium and vanadium is also something that could affect the
    use of glucose by the cells. also the consumption of too much alcohol at
    the weekends lets the glucose-levels spike easy the next days. that maybe
    is caused by the effect that alcohol is toxic and when the liver cannot
    handle that high amount is tries to flush it out but that causes also
    important minerals to be flushed out (again potassium and magnesium).
    (usually with the processed foods this should not be a problem with sodium
    and calcium, cause there is too much in nearly everything, like for example
    a pizza is full of sodium and calcium)

  8. DarkKitsuneTsuki

    While managing your diet and getting blood sugar down will diminish
    symptoms, there is NO curing diabetes. You can manage your blood sugar and
    get off medication but it requires a permanent lifestyle change and is a
    continuous struggle. Falling back into old habits will cause symptoms to
    return. Just because you’re not on meds and it’s managed doesn’t mean
    you’re no longer diabetic. Be vigilant and commit to change if you are
    serious about minimizing the effects of your diabetes, especially in old
    age when it causes more severe issues.

  9. OMG! Several years ago my PCP referred me to a Nutritionist as part of my
    Type 2 Diabetes treatment. The Nutritionist told me that I should consider
    getting regular insulin shots BECAUSE I HAVE AN EXCELLENT HEALTH CARE
    PROVIDER AND CAN AFFORD IT. I refused it. Since that time I have eliminated
    all dairy products and greatly cut back on meat. I have now lost 40 lbs.
    and my doctor sees no signs of diabetes. Watching your video reinforces my
    decision to refuse the insulin shots. OMG! Thank you so much for making
    this video!

  10. Zulema Marquina

    I want to reverse

  11. +Lew Carl It’s completely natural and side effect free.It really works!
    Thank you.

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  20. How about type 1 then?.

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  26. All without drugs. All with an easy-to-follow system.

  27. Huge help for me. I was pre-diabetic and already a vegetarian. The concepts
    worked for me and have kept me off medication. I also never was hungry and
    lost weight without even trying. I am grateful for another way and not need
    medication. I also feel great.

  28. The information in this program is life changing! Ten visits to a Dietician
    and never once was I given the opportunity to End my Diabetes with
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  32. My diabetis has been reversed in just 1 week after following recommended
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    taking medication and after applying there commended diet l lost 10 lbs. in
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  33. Victor Adaramola

    Thank you very much, this is the kind of information I have been looking
    for. God bless you.

  34. please send it to me

  35. 51 years old a1c 5.8

  36. Ok can this be reversed

  37. That’s right. Those ‘old habits’ are largely the cause of the problem to
    begin with.