The Ancient Secrets of Japanese Skincare Revealed

The Ancient Secrets of Japanese Skincare Revealed

Japanese skincare and general health secrets are highly sought after. At 81.25 years, (86 for women, 79 for men) Japan has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world.

Nearly 20% of the population of Japan is over the age of 65. Worldwide, the average lifespan is 66. But according to the World Health Organization reports, Japanese people can expect to live 75 or more years, free of disease and disability.

So, what are they doing right? Diet is obviously one important factor. They have the lowest rate of obesity of any industrialized country. Only 3% are obese, as opposed to 32% of all Americans. Some of their preferred foods are also Japanese skincare secrets.

Referred to as a "beauty preserver", Wakame kelp is one of those foods. It's a kind of seaweed that is cultivated in Japan, Korea and now France.

Studies at Hokkaido University have shown that eating the kelp helps burn fatty tissue. In traditional Oriental medicine, it was used to purify the blood and strengthen the intestines, as well as the skin and hair.

Wakame is one of the best vegetarian sources of calcium. It is also rich in sodium, iron, potassium and the B vitamins. The B vitamins naturally reduce inflammation. While all of these things are great, the most important role that this Japanese skincare formula plays has to do with its anti-aging activity.

As we get older, the levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin becomes lower and lower. You'll see many products on the market that contain hyaluronic acid, a protein, but no matter how much you try to supplement, levels continue to fall.

The cause is an enzyme called hyaluronaise. The enzyme breaks down the protein. Loss of hyaluronic acid leads to loss of elasticity, smoothness and tone. It also causes dark circles, beneath and around the eyes.

Wakame has been shown to inhibit the activity of the enzyme, so the protein levels begin to rise, eventually reaching those of a much younger person. Topically applied creams that contain this Japanese skincare solution have been clinically proven to work effectively.

Some skin care companies don't stop with Wakame. They use protein peptides, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B5, vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients to help you look younger or stay younger looking. It's like a little fountain of youth in a bottle.

These creams aren't heavily advertised. Cosmetic companies do most of the advertising and they don't have the ingredients. Many of them are still using collagen in their products. Even though we've known for years that collagen supplementation doesn't work.

Free radicals damage collagen fibers and cellular membranes. The only way to stop them is with antioxidants. No matter how many vitamins you take every day, your skin needs extra help.

The outermost layer, the epidermis, has no blood vessels. It has a hard time getting all of the nourishment that it needs.

So, why not use this Japanese skincare idea and "feed your face". You'll appreciate what you see in the mirror.