Starting OVER For Reals (20 Natural/Cruelty-Free Make-Up, Body/Skin Care Items)

Starting OVER For Reals (20 Natural/Cruelty-Free Make-Up, Body/Skin Care Items)

I narrowed my natural/cruelty-free make-up/body/skin care to 20 items! Not as easy of a feat as it probably should be, hah.

Naturalla Beauty's Post Mentioned

Cleansing (hair, body, face)
1. Bubble and Bee hard water shampoo
2. ACV rinse for conditioner – Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar diluted w/ water
3. Bubble and Bee Unscented All-Over Bar
4. Avocado/Almond oil for oil cleansing method to wash off make-up
• ACV for toner (same as #2)

Body and Face Moisturizing/Deodorant/Skin Care
5. Bubble and Bee Deodorant – Lavender Vanilla and Geranium and Lime Pity Putty
• Avocado oil for face and body moisturizer (same as #4)
6. Heritage Rosewater Spray
7. 100% Pure - Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream
8. Lavender Love from Angel Face Botanicals

9. RawSkinCeuticals BB/SPF Foundation in N103 -
10. RMS Un-Cover-up in 11
11. RMS Un-Cover-up in 22
12. Honeybee Gardens Pressed Foundation in Supernatural - (I get this on vitacost)
13. Eye Primer: ANF Vegan Eyeshadow Primer w/ Pumpkin and Poppy Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil (Brija powder primer could be used for both)
14. Brija - Sugar Cream Shadow (for sticky base)
15. Shadow – Madison Street Beauty ‘Bare Coral’ or a natural eyeshadow palette (Jane Iredale for example)
16. Blush – ANF Pale Peach or Brija - Perk
17. Bronzer – ANF Honey Kissed
18. Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex or RAL The Lash Project
19. Real Purity Eyeshadow in Espresso for Brows (or 100% Pure eyebrow cream/Christopher Drummond eyebrow cream)
20. Lip balm – MSB lavender peppermint or Bubble and Bee Peppermint and Cocoa -
Bonus: lip gloss from Pacifica - Beach Kiss

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