Skincare for very sensitive skin (neurodermatitis/eczema) – FranklyFranca

Skincare for very sensitive skin (neurodermatitis/eczema) - FranklyFranca


Hey guys!
So I'm actually really excited for you guys to see this video! Since I've watched youtube videos I've always wanted to make a video like that, because I think there are a lot of people out there who have those same problems, but not a lot of videos who actually address this theme. I hope you enjoy the video and I really hope I could help some of you, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with eczema.. I'm sorry this video is so terribly long! I just couldn't really make it any shorter, I felt like there would be something missing if I did! I hope you guys don't mind;)
Some stuff I forgot to mention:
- Don't ever use a bodylotion that's vaseline based, it's not going to let your skin breathe and your eczema is going to get even worse!
- a good shower gel to use when your skin is irritated is the cetaphil one. I think this is a genius product. It has never caused any problems (with me anyway)!
- a great face mask to use is the Oatmeal facemask by first aid beauty!
So that's it, I hope you guys are doing well! Take care:) xx

Products mentioned:

PH Balance Shampoo -
Aesop Nurturing Shampoo -
Clarelux Scalp Foam -
Betnovate Scalp Application -

Nivea Bodymilk -
Neutrogena Bodylotion -
Decubal -
Multilind Micro Silver -
Protopic -
Advantan Creme -

Tobradex -
Weleda Euphrasia (Collyre) -
La mer MED eyecream -

PH Balance Facewipes -
Bioderma Créaline H20 -

Multilind Micro Silver Creme -
Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm -
Elisabeth Arben 8hr Cream -®-Cream-Skin-Protectant/10014252000,default,pd.html
(Zoé serum - )
Darphin Intral -

Ladival Sunscreen -
Sun Vital Sunscreen -

Vitamin C Gisand -
Zellar Epogam -
Burgenstein Nachtkerzenöl -öl

Nexcare Coldhot Coldspray -

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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored in any way! Those opinions are all my own:) And as I said in the video, I'm NOT a doctor! I don't have any education regarding medicine! I just want to share my experiences and thought with you guys:)