skin care treatment safe products

skin care treatment safe products

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I see skin care differently than most. Bottom line, if I wouldn't use the product myself, I won't sell it to you. In fact our products are not tested on animals... they are tested on me. I have personally used every product we sell. It has to feel right, smell right and work right or it doesn't get to be called Michael Todd true organics.

We also use as much organics as possible - usually 70%-95%. But organic ingredients need to be combined with other actives to be really effective. You don't fix your skin by just rubbing an avocado on your face. The key is finding the right blend of organic ingredients and effective, powerful anti-aging and blemish healing ingredients to achieve a truly great product.
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Lastly, I am struck by how many companies still use parabens as a preservative, salt (sodium chloride) as a thickener, irritating drying sulfates and skin suffocating petrochemicals despite the growing evidence that these ingredients are potentially harmful to the user. We don't use any of these ingredients. At Michael Todd we say, "You'll love what's in our products...

Effective organically based skin care solutions without the bad stuff. This is what Michael Todd true organics is about... this is what we stand for.
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