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Skin Care Training Courses | Skin Care Home Business | Skin Care Business Plan | Skin Care Business ,Skin Care Training Courses,Skin Care Home Business,Skin Care Business Plan,Skin Care Business owning your own business,cindy crawford skin care,skin care business plan,What Else You'll Learn From The Skin Care Tycoon:

Find out how to position yourself in the market to ensure your business is a success
3 things you simply must know about preservatives before deciding your formulations
How to include Vitamins & Active Ingredients in your skin care preparations without damaging their properties
A complete guide to setting up your own party plan division and how to let consultants do all the selling for you
How to effectively get your skin care brand onto the shelves of retail outlets both nationally and internationally.
Everything you need to know about wholesaling and e-retailing.
How to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to making claims
13 multiple streams of income that will help put money back into your pocket today
The secrets to labelling your products to meet regulations
And much, much more!!

Skin Care Tycoon Is More Than Just A 'How To Make Skin Care' Course

It's the most comprehensive resource for aspiring skin care entrepreneurs in the world. It's been developed by skin care entrepreneurs that collectively have over 20 years experience in the industry and successfully supplied retail outlets both nationally and internationally.

Of course Skin Care Tycoon will show you how to create and formulate skin care products, but you will learn much more than that. You'll get the inside scoop on all the things they don't tell you in other skin care courses.

Find out the nitty, gritty details that can only be learnt by experience both in manufacturing and marketing specifically in this industry.
Fast track your learning by leveraging off the experience of industry leaders.
Yes, making money from your hobby is possible. We know because we grew our hobby into an international business and now for the first time we're offering an online education and open the door inside the world of skin care.
This is the perfect place to start. In module 1 we introduce you to the skin care industry and cover all the basics in preparation of what is to follow, including
(but not limited to):

The Skincare & Cosmetic Industry -- Everything you need to know
Understanding the Functions & Structure of the Skin
Everything You Need to Know About Ageing, Skin Types & Skin Conditions.
Skincare Regimes -- Are they important?
Module 2: Powerful Essential Ingredients (60 A4 pages)

With so many raw ingredients to choose from, where do you start? One thing is for certain, some ingredients should be avoided at all cost whilst others are simply a must. This detailed manual will guide you through the do's and don'ts of combining raw ingredients into your skin care preparations. In module 2 you will discover.

Bring The Day Spa Into Your Home With Masks & Scrubs for the Face & Body
Essential Base Ingredients and How To Use Them To Maximise Profits
Natures Active Ingredients that pack a punch
How To Slow Down and Combat The Signs of Ageing
Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Ingredients and How To Use Them
Preservatives, The Good, The Bad, and Just Plain Ugly
Creating Products with the "Wow" Factor
Module 3. Skin Care & Business (50 A4 pages)

Ready to take your skin care brand to the next level? All Skin Care Tycoons need this module. Inside module 3 you will discover:

Packaging and Pricing Your Products For Maximum Profit
Labeling Compliance Made Easy
Harnessing Multiple Streams of Income
Going Global With Exporting
Marketing Your Business on a Shoe String Budget
Plus much more...
Module 4: Leveraging A Reseller Network (50 A4 pages)

Some of the largest skin care companies in the world operate from a reseller business model. In this next module you'll find out how to leverage the power of other people to dramatically expand your skin care brand awareness. Here's what else you discover...

Where to Find Your Network of Resellers
How to build a team of loyal followers
The Best Way to Structure Your Reseller Contract to Entice The Masses To Join
How to Train Your Resellers So They Too Make Great Profit Margins
The Easiest Way to Establish Reseller Commissions
A Complete Set of Reseller Contracts and Templates

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