Skin care recipes: Herbalife beauty expert Jacquie Carter’s homemade facial scrub

Skin care recipes: Herbalife beauty expert Jacquie Carter's homemade facial scrub

Looking for a cheap, easy and effective face scrub? Exfoliation is the key to young-looking, glowing skin. In this video, Herbalife beauty expert, Jacquie Carter will show you how to make a decadent DIY facial scrub using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

This face scrub is a perfect now-and-then solution if you've accidentally run out of your usual skin care products or if your traveling.

Sugar and honey give this scrub its exfoliating powers. It's fast, simple, and gets great results! Jacquie demonstrates exactly how to mix your ingredients and how to apply the scrub to your face for maximum effectiveness. You can even leave it on as a mask -- honey's humectant powers lock in moisture, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated.

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