SENSITIVE SKIN Care (Natural) + DIET for Redness, Allergic Reaction, Itchiness, Peeling!

SENSITIVE SKIN Care (Natural) + DIET for Redness, Allergic Reaction, Itchiness, Peeling!

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Hey my lovelies! Today, it’s all about skin care routine for sensitive or irritated skin conditions. If stinging, itchiness, burning sensation, redness, dryness, peeling, breaking into bumps in reaction to skin care products…if any of that sounds familiar to you, then this video will help you out!

Irritated or particularly sensitive skin is a result of the skin not functioning properly or being compromised in some way. This can happen because of reduced barrier function of the skin or because of internal issues like stress, hormones or external factors like the environment.

So, today, we’re going to unlock the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda to help us say bbye to sensitive skin for good, and say hello to healthy skin! Let’s do this!

———————Natural Ayurvedic Lifestyle + Diet Tips———————

Before we jump into the skin care routine, I wanted to quickly share some natural lifestyle tips that’ll really help you keep your sensitive skin stay supple and healthy-

1. If you can please avoid or limit the consumption of hot/spicy food, alcohol and fermented food.

2. Your skin loves green leafy vegetables, so, adding a bit of that in your diet will keep your skin healthy.

3. Coconut oil and nuts in the diet are also amazing for sensitive skin.

4. You will be surprised at how amazing your skin looks by reducing stress. I find that meditation and yoga helps me reduce stress. So, I encourage you to try and find something that helps you manage stress better.

———————Natural Products Used———————

Gentle Cleanser

Calming Serum


Multi Oil

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* I've been using and talking about AWE products in my videos for over a year, and I'm in love with them, especially because they are based on Ayurvedic tradition. Some of the products were gifted to me by my friend Rebecca who owns AWE Cosmeceuticals.