Safe at School: Chapter 3 – Hypoglycemia

The best as well as immediate threat to kids with diabetic issues is Hypoglycemi or low-blood sugar. Bear in mind, how it sounds. Hypo suggests low.


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Safe At School: Chapter 3 - Hypoglycemia

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Safe at School: Chapter 3 - Hypoglycemia

The greatest and immediate danger to children with diabetes is Hypoglycemi or low-blood sugar. Remember, how it sounds. Hypo means low.


  1. iCanHazTwentyLetters

    What if they actually have hypERglycemia?

  2. I have hypoglycemia, and a few nights ago, woke up at 3am, with bad cramps,
    used the bathroom, then told my mom i’m going to faint(felt like it),
    ringing in the ears and i go blind for 30 minutes, not sure if i was
    unconscious for a little, my head felt so heavy my mom had to hold it up,
    does anyone know what this could be? i know its from low blood sugar, but i
    don’t think it’s fainting

  3. I have Hypglycemia (non-diebetic)and sometimes I have ringing in my ears

  4. I’m 15 and was diagnosed last year with Hypoglycemia after having it for
    four years apparently, it is very hard in school to go along with this and
    fix it before it occurs. I will sometimes get attacks after I’ve ate and I
    don’t know why… I feel like doctors here don’t take me seriously when i
    want to cry in pain… But one day I told someone to record a single class
    period and how i react… halfway through the course i turned pale,
    wouldn’t stand straight, my voice slurred, my body shook, and although i
    didn’t sweat I was very anxious. So to everyone with Hypoglycemia I wish
    you the best of luck and please be careful!