S.W. Basics Skincare presented by LOVE YOU INC. Natural skin care with 5 ingredients or less.

S.W. Basics Skincare presented by LOVE YOU INC. Natural skin care with 5 ingredients or less.

S.W. Basics Skincare is available at: http://www.loveyouinc.com/collections/s-w-basics

LOVE YOU INC. presents S.W. Basics. S.W. Basics was started in Brooklyn by a girl with the coolest name, Adina. She had a recipe book for skincare and a simple dream. Create something so natural she could use it on her own senstive skin. S.W. BASICS was born out of necessity but now has a style all its own, with all its bragging about how many ingredients it has. Nothing to hide, only good stuff to show off.

LOVE YOU INC. is excited to announce its newest organic skincare line S.W. Basics.

S.W. Basics founders Adina and Adam recently sat down to talk about their company and how it all started.

ADINA: The reason I started making the products was because I could not use virtually any other skincare products. I still cannot. So, it started really just from a friend in nutrition school who handed me a recipe book and being like you can do this yourself. You can make your own skincare.

But at that time, I was like, no way that these will actually work. I got in the kitchen and started experimenting and realized, no it's really easy and you only need a few ingredients and not only does it not cause a negative reaction but it was actually helping me to heal myself.

We're not fancy people, and so the brand itself is not very fancy.

ADAM: And there was a lot of sort of cool like, and she told two friends, and they told two friends.

ADINA: Nothing uses more than five ingredients; almost everything uses only three ingredients.

ADAM: What you're smelling is the scent of the ingredients. You know what I mean. That's what shea butter smells like.

ADINA: When you have a product that is shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. It means it's going to be a lot of shea butter and a lot of coconut oil and a lot of olive oil. So we just feel like when you make things simpler, you end up with more of the good stuff.

ADAM: In a sort of macro way, its fewer ingredients equals a smaller impact. Sourcing can be a challenge, but it's also something we're really proud of. There's this amazing farm in Missouri that makes our distilled witch hazels. It is a family farm; we source it directly from them. We're trying to do that more and more with all our ingredients.

ADINA: We would like to move everything as close to here as possible. It's kind of like we're a skincare bakery. We're virtually never keeping product on the shelves. It's being made and being shipped out or being taken to stores immediately. We want more people to know that we are here for them.

With love, Adina and Adam. S.W. Basics, Brooklyn, New York.

Check out the full line of S.W. Basics products at LOVE YOU INC. here.