Online Course – How to make your own natural skincare routine

Online Course - How to make your own natural skincare routine

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This course is for anyone who is tired of paying a fortune for skincare products that are not necessarily getting the results promised by marketeers. It is also for people worried about the suspect preservatives that go into your beauty products.

If you create your own skincare, not only can you trust the ingredients that go into it, but you can save a lot money and you get to personally customise products to suit your own skin.

In this course we will learn how to make:
A beautiful rich cleanser that is also a gentle make up remover.
Some lovely refreshing toner that cleans and opens up your pores.
A moisturiser that can be adapted to suit your preference and skin needs.

We will be using lots of butters and waxes and floral waters all teamed together some beautiful smelling essential oils. I buy my ingredients online and have saved so much money when compared with the products I used to buy straight from the shelf. You don't need a lot of equipment, the only new thing I have bought in terms of equipment is a set of digital scales that cost me £8, the rest is all are pots, dishes and utensils that I already had in the cupboard.
The course consists of video modules. Also included are PDFs for your shopping list, recipes and references to books and websites I use.

Although I have recipes to follow, I encourage students to adjust recipes to suit your own skin needs and tastes. For example, I love lavender but I appreciate not everyone does, therefore I have made alternative suggestions. Once you have completed this course, you will have a good foundation to personalise your skincare routine to suit you.

Learning about natural skincare for me, led me to be generally more healthy. I can honestly say I am much more in tune with my body holistically and what it needs when I'm feeling low. I really hope others can benefit in this way too.

You could complete this course in a day or spread the time it takes you to feel comfortable in making each product.
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