Natural Skincare: Earthwise Beauty Review

Natural Skincare: Earthwise Beauty Review

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Hey My Honey Bunches!

Today I came baring gifts, but we will leave that til the end. I was lucky enough to try 3 samples from Earthwise Beauty. Ava, was kind to send me what I was supposed to get in my goodebox last month, that sadly I did not get. But she came to the rescue and sent not only the oil but 2 masks, yay!

I truly fell in love with her products, all 3 of them did an amazing job on my skin. All of them did what they were supposed to do, and to top it off, her products are all natural, non toxic, cruelty free (of course), handcrafted, cold pressed and most are vegan and others are vegetarian which contain honey. She did let me know that the honey that she uses is humanely harvested and carefully sourced.

Ava was really sweet and offered to give me a coupon code for my friends who want to try her products!!!

*Coupon Code: Enter "nz0424" to get 15%off your order. From Now till March 31, 2015.

* Additional 10% off with code "GreensForYou" on the Green Leaves & Co. Ends March 3rd, 2015

I'm super excited to share this discount with you guys. I really hope you take advantage of this great offer.

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*She also has a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

BTW: When I was doing my research on this brand like I always do before any review. I found that Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review also loves this brand. I believe she has superb taste in vegan cruelty free products. I always love the products she recommends and when she co-curates a sub box, I get super excited because I already know I'm gonna love the box 🙂 yes can you tell she is my blogger crush hehehe.

*Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video, I'm not being paid to make this video. The products were sent to me for free, but not for review. I chose to review them on my own after really enjoying them. These are my sincere opinions on this brand. I will always keep 100 with you. 😉