Natural Skin Care routine (with products from your kitchen)

Natural Skin Care routine (with products from your kitchen)

This video is quite long, I talk a lot...

In this video:

Eating healthy is very important for the skin. Drink a lot of water, skip candies and processed foods.

I tell you how I take care of my skin by using natural products like Coconut Oil, DIY scrubs/treatments etc. Mostly products you can find in your kitchen!

Dr. Organic is a fantastic brand!

My current skin care routine:
* Moisturizer: Organic Coconut Oil
* Cleanser: Water, or cotton pads with eye make-up remover to remove powder and concealer. After that I rinse with water.
* Exfoliate: Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Scrub
DIY Honey & Sugar Scrub
* Extra treatments: DIY Sea Salt & water mixture for breakouts

Moisturizer for dry skin:

If you have a dry skin but prefer to use regular moisturizer instead of oils, I can recommend you this brand:

~ Please, share your thoughts in the comment section and tell me your favourite skin care products!