My #1 Health Tip, Happy Cows, Feminine Hygiene, Body Care + More

My #1 Health Tip, Happy Cows, Feminine Hygiene, Body Care + More

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* Guide to Small Reusable Bags For Produce & Bulk Items:

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* Happy Cow cookbook:
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* Barebones
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* Vega:
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* Holland America Cruise:
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* Holland America Cruise Ship to the Shelter:
* Environmental Working group
* Your Vegan Punk Pinup's York & Spoon

Topics covered this week:
- Environmental impact of cruises
- Review of the new Happy Cow cookbook
- How to be sure produce is organic at farmers markets
- Recommendations for more eco-friendly feminine hygiene products
- How to find the best eco-vegan body care products
- My number one healthy living tip
- Where to buy reusable bags for bulk goods


5:00 Free ebook
6:50 Food Is My Healthcare Tank Tops
7:27 Cruises are damaging to aquatic animals, plants and the water itself? Why support a cruise?
19:00 Stossel Reruns
19:50 What are the future plans for Eco-Vegan Gal?
22:15 Are you going to VidCon this year?
22:48 Happy Cow Book

27:07 Do farmers tend to be more honest and less money motivated?

31: 22 What are your recommendations for eco-friendly feminine hygiene products?

39:49 How can I find vegan beauty products that are both natural and effective?

46:00 What tip would you give to someone who starting to eat more healthily and wants an improved healthful lifestyle?

49:07 Where did you get the reusable bags you used when buying bulk goods?

51:17 Live Q&A

52:46 How do you identify signs of burnout and what do you do to avoid it?

57:19 What is your opinion on horseback riding?

1:00:56 Do you use protein powder? How do you incorporate it into your diet and what brands do you like?

1:04:25 Which eco-friendly nail polishes do you use?

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