Marula Oil Skin Care Products for Women | Organic skincare | Anti Aging | Alapure Cosmetics

Marula Oil Skin Care Products for Women | Organic skincare | Anti Aging | Alapure Cosmetics
With Marula Oil based Skin Care Products by Alapure Cosmetics you will enjoy the unique anti aging, anti-oxidant and skin healing properties of the legendary African Marula fruit. Alapure's original formula brings to life an ancient wisdom to smooth and heal your skin while increasing and preserving your natural beauty. Alapure Cosmetics is devoted to providing the purest ingredients approved for cosmetics. Made solely with organic products like Tamanu Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia nut Oil and of course the powerful Marula Oil, Alapure's Natural Skin Care Products will energize and boost your skin's natural ability to regenerate.
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Hi, I'm Jill Riley the founder and creator of Alapure Marula Oil-Based Skin Care Products. It was during a visit to South Africa that my husband and I came across Marula oil. The Marula tree is so revered that nobody owns the trees. It's owned by everybody, so it's considered community property. Marula oil, it's known to have been used by Africans for centuries for its healing benefits. It's very rich in oleic acid. It has the ability to absorb deeply within the skin, and it's non-greasy. It smooths the skin, and it's even anti-aging so I decided to launch the Alapure brand with Marula oil as the key ingredient. I had to get this formulation right, and once it was right I knew it. It's packed with lots of key ingredients not just the Marula oil. There's Tamanu oil from Indonesia, there's coconut oil, aloe, there's also Jojoba oil, there's macadamia nut oil. And once I touched that lotion and the body creme it just felt like velvet. You put it on and it's like, it's like soft socks on your feet. Alapure products are great for all skin types: men, women, different ethnicities. We have two body cremes and two body lotions in two different sets. There are also a couple soaps and then there is the key heavy-hitter which I would say is the Marula oil. I feel this is the new innovation in skin care, and people are going to be raving about Marula oil in the very near future and I'm very delighted to be able to bring this to them. I'm so used to watered-down lotions. This is actually more velvety, sensual, and it feels so soft. It's not oily, so I know it's not going to clog up my pores. I love it. Time after time people just touch the product, and it's like, "Wow." Their faces just light up. There is something about these products that's special. It's an experience.

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