Korean Skincare Routine- Night-time ❤︎ (Combination,Oily, or Dry Skin)

Korean Skincare Routine- Night-time ❤︎ (Combination,Oily, or Dry Skin)

Korean Skincare Routine for Night-time! How to get glowing, brighter, and whiter skin like a lot of korean celebrities. This is a great skincare especially for oily skin!
Using O HUI 's korean skincare line. This is a full step by step of how I remove my makeup all the way to putting on night cream.
--Visit my blog for a detailed list of all the products used and skincare routine.

Here is my MORNING korean skincare routine video : https://youtu.be/1JZjdGlluZQ

^ A lot of people asked for the links of the products. So here is all the direct links & more of a detailed post of my skincare. https://janie-lee-mtw4.squarespace.com/blog/2014/11/25/korean-night-skincare-routine

Products mentioned:
-Bioderma makeup remover
I purchased on amazon:(http://goo.gl/eKbJkr)

-Clarisonic Exfoliating Brush
Direct link!: (http://goo.gl/gdGKJE)

-O Hui cleansing foam
Direct link!: (http://goo.gl/v8bG4U)

-Soo ae face mask
Direct link : (http://goo.gl/kaSCZp)

- Soo ae Gold Eye & Spot Patch
Direct link: (http://goo.gl/wWEngI)

- O Hui Eye cream :(http://goo.gl/wHLjoj)
- O Hui Skin Softener: (http://goo.gl/wHLjoj)
- O Hui Emulsion (http://goo.gl/wHLjoj)
- O Hui Hydra Formula gel cream (http://goo.gl/wHLjoj)

*No products shown are sponsored or paid. Everything is purchased with my hard earned money ^___^

Credits to:
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