Know Your Skin & Your Skincare! Can You Eat Your Anti-Aging Cream? Essante Z3 (Patents, Clinicals)

Know Your Skin & Your Skincare! Can You Eat Your Anti-Aging Cream? Essante Z3 (Patents, Clinicals)

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Know your skin and know your skincare!
Read your skincare labels...
Does it say, Keep away from getting in the eyes?
Upon contact with the eyes or if swallowed, call your physician?
Keep away from children?
CEO of Essnaté Organics - Michael Wenniger demonstrates that he can EAT Essanté Organics Z3 Anti-Aging Line, that has patents, clinicals...
Guaranteed Permanent Results!
See Results in the First 2-5 minutes !!!

Jonathan James Levine (President of Essnaté Essante Organics says: "The point of this video is to show our CEO knows our Z3 is 100% Certified Toxic Chemical Free, made from Organic botanicals and therefore feels comfortable swallowing it. People are fed misinformation about the ingredients in their products and/or in the case of skincare products are told their product is ONLY topical. This is to infer that the ingredients would not enter the blood stream. There are 2 fallacies here. 1. If it is a product which is supposed to correct wrinkles and it's only "topical" then it can't correct wrinkles, pore size, discoloration or any other sign of aging because correction occurs BELOW the outer "topical" layers of the skin. The 2nd untruth is that it's SAFE because it's only "topical". Remember if it goes On your Skin it's IN your bloodstream in seconds. Here's some ingredients you want to watch out for. Don't blindly trust what you've heard from your TV commercials, your upline, your company etc. Do your own research. Your future health is affected by what you put IN and ON your body today. The term "All Natural" means absolutely nothing. Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic chemical. It is used under different ingredient names in skin care products that don't include "formaldehyde" in the title. This type of deception is occurring all over the personal care industry. The following 3 ingredients release formaldehyde into your blood stream and are found in many "All Natural" skin products.

1. Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate 2. Quaternium-15 and 3.DMDM Hydantoin I wouldn't recommend anyone eat or put on your skin any products which contains any of those 3. I would also be weary of any skin care products which uses any paraben or phenoxyethanol. After you read this, examine the ingredients in your skin care products. If someone gave you formaldehyde, would you swallow it?"

The FDA has not evaluated this statement. Products do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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