Isomers Immortal Dermal Booster – Client Testimonial #2

Isomers Immortal Dermal Booster - Client Testimonial #2

IMMORTAL Dermal Booster: set of 5 vials at 4 ml each (0.135 fl oz)

Isomers most exciting discovery in 30 years of skin care formulating!

Based on the science of the Resurrection plant ~ which dies like a tumbleweed.
Even if crushed into little pieces, when the plant is exposed to water it comes back to life. With this in mind, we asked what would happen if you fed the plant other important extremophiles – like Ectoin, Snow Algae and Antarcticine. We designed a special device and did just that, then extracted it from the plant. This is a patent pending process and blend that is exclusively Isomers! We call it Complex B247.

What can it do for the skin? It acts as a super moisturizer, and can help enhance the penetration of other skin care products. With super moisturization comes smoother skin with less wrinkles, less irritation and redness, and improvement in density and form. Its soothing, super hydrating and instant wrinkle releasing for the skin!

What is amazing is that this is a “nothing down the drain” formula – when you wash your face, it helps to activate the ingredients!

Other features:
• Contains unique anti-oxidants, and is preservative free
• Utilizes a key multi-layer liposome to help deliver more of the B247 complex in a more time efficient manner to the target areas. This new delivery system can deliver both Fat and Water Soluble ingredients into the targeted areas of the epidermis.
• Can be used how YOU need it – each vial can be 3-4 treatments for the entire face & neck; or use it on targeted areas a drop or two at a time. Use it as a 2-3 week boot-camp, high intensity treatment; or as “a vial a week” booster; or as a spot treatment.
Key benefits:
- Introduces & combines extremophiles & glycans
o targets the appearance of skin dryness, aging, loss of density, and form & fullness
- Helps to firm and thicken the skin through hydration
- Smooth’s and evens the appearance of skin surface
- Helps form protective moisture membrane
- Helps the skin face environmental stressors

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