ISOMERS Filtered Water vs Oil

ISOMERS Filtered Water vs Oil

The belief that: Water is a bad ingredient in skincare
Recently I conducted an experiment with lab skin cell beads, various waters and various oils. We used time lapse photography to document the results over a 6 hour period.
The experiment was to illustrate and determine the best ingredients to formulate with or use as a base for skin hydration.
The key questions we wanted to satisfy were:
What hydrates better “water” vs “oil”
a. By hydrates we mean, what penetrates and fills the cells to or near capacity vs. no absorption

Results: The findings of our modest in-laboratory trial under time lapse photography – were not surprising for one familiar with chemistry and comprehend the true definition and function of what is meant by “hydration”. However, what I am very aware and sensitive about, is that a huge majority of people have never had a full course in high-school chemistry, physics or biology. This means that they may have not been exposed to some of the tools that would -allow them to easily separate science-fact from science-fiction, or sense from nonsense. This unfortunately is the type of gap or human weakness marketing companies and sales pitch master’s pounce all over and build huge campaigns on. This is why it’s important that we took the time to design and perform this experiment. It is our way of providing alternate thought streams and information. To demonstrate visually as well as logically how to ask questions and to challenge or verify information. The ability to think critically and to edit information via scientific deduction is a powerful skill and can be applied in all aspects of our lives for our own benefit. In order to know more and do more and do better, information has to be scrutinized in the light of what is already known.

How did the oils do? Well they didn’t. They didn’t penetrate the cells and the cells didn’t change in size. The oils did what they were supposed to do. Coat the cells and help build a lipid bi-layer. The oils cannot plump up or fill in they are not chemically capable or designed for that function. Oils don’t hydrate. By their own definition they are without water and hydro (the root word in hydration means water …)

Conclusion: Water is the essence of cell communication, nutrition transportation, efficacy, stabilization. Its purity is paramount to performance. Depending on the performance you desire, you can chose your water. We have studied three groups of water, all hydrate but not all to the same potential. So, when hydration is your goal, is the outcome you want, nothing beats water. More specifically, good clean water is your best, most efficient ingredient. Skincare that is designed to penetrate the inner cell (which is water loving) must have water as a key part of the formulation and delivery system.

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