Hypoglycemia – What is Hypoglycemia, Symptoms, Treatment

Video clip guide to hypoglycemia – ways to spot hypoglycemia, what it means to have a hypo and also acknowledging the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Take legal action against Marshall goes over the ups and downs of hypoglycemia – which is when blood sugar level degrees fall under 4 mmol/L.

To read more about hypos, have a look at:

– Hypoglycemia:
– Just what is a hypo:


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Hypoglycemia - What Is Hypoglycemia, Symptoms, Treatment

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Hypoglycemia - What is Hypoglycemia, Symptoms, Treatment

Video guide to hypoglycemia - how to spot hypoglycemia, what it means to have a hypo and recognising the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Sue Marshall discusses the ups and downs of hypoglycemia - which is when blood sugar levels fall under 4 mmol/L.

For more information about hypos, have a look at:

- Hypoglycemia: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/Diabetes-and-Hypoglycaemia.html
- What is a hypo: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/what-is-a-hypo.html


  1. is there anything that might trigger a hypoglycemic episode?

  2. Burning up almost all of your available blood sugar. Not eating properly.
    Medium to extreme exertion when low on available blood sugar. I think the
    best cure is some sugar/glucose, then a small amount of easily digested
    carbs, because the sugar gives you enough energy to digest, and the carbs
    are going to hang around and stabilise your sugar levels. Should probably
    have small meals throughout the day, and include some carbs, and always
    keep some 97% glucose handy in the form of tablets.

  3. Thank you

  4. Any sugestion of change in body is indication of something s going wrong.
    if you have diab genes and you spot even one sympom, go for blood test. i
    recognised it when i went for swiming and then extreme shakiness , weakness
    and hungry for something sweet/salty came in. i could tell straight away
    its hypoglicemia. my dr said no, i said i want test. now i am 6.4.

  5. I get very short temered if im hungry, sometimes shaky. but once i eat
    something or drink something im the nicest guy…. could this be something
    or is this normal? wife says its not but i dont know. never been diagnosed.

  6. princessmitsuko

    i do not on insulin.i started having dizzy spells and headaches about the
    time i started school i am 26 now. a lot of people think it is in my head.
    i have tested my blood and have never been higher then 130 ml. but i have
    been as low as 42 ml. i have not changed my diet or activities but i have
    hypo attacks a lot. Dr. R keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with me.
    yet i have collapsed at work and other public places Dr R use to think that
    i skipped meals or took insulin to make my sugar drop. i wake at 6:30 am
    breakfast at 7 am oatmeal, 1st snack 10 am fresh fruit, lunch at 1 pm
    sandwich and flavored brown rice, 2nd snack at 4 pm mixed nuts. dinner at 7
    pm salad with beans or rice, 3rd snack at 9:30 pm yogurt, ice cream, or
    cottage cheese. bed at 10:30 pm. i institutionalized my self in ISO for 2
    week and has 5 hypos and 2 seizures. Dr R had them checked for contraband
    and they found nothing .i was allowed 3 meals a day and only water. Dr R
    has been my family’s Dr sense before i was born. he delivered me and my
    older sisters. he still keeps saying there is nothing wrong with me i have
    found a new Dr they ran a bunch of tests to day hope they will find the
    cause of the headaches and other thinks

  7. Linnea “dognerd” Browncell

    I have a question, when I have middle low blood sugar such as pain in body,
    swetting, shaking, thirsty, heartache, feeling dizzy and confused,

    if I’m not near sugar… I find taking off my clothes stalls the fainting.

    If I’m hot I will faint much quicker than when I am cold, why is that? 

  8. I often experience hypoglycemia not due to diabetes but due to systematic
    undereating. Actually, after some time you start getting addicted to it
    because it causes you to lose touch with reality and it feels like you are
    somewhere else. 

  9. I have type one diabetes. I use an Accu-Check Mobile tester which uses a
    cassette for test strips and an attached barrel finger pricker. It makes
    everything so much easier with testing 

  10. Alia Phelps (Heinous)

    I am not anyway diabetic. A couple of people in my family but they never
    had it like mine. I constantly get up in the middle of the night to get a
    snack. For a while I was drinking vanilla flavoured Pedialite shakes. I get
    hungry/shaky in a matter of 40-50 minutes after eating some food. I heard
    that you can buy a Blood Glucose Meter over the counter at a drug store,
    you must be eighteen to buy it. Should I get a Blood Glucose Meter to make
    sure I don’t have very low blood sugar? I am a 15 year old girl, turning 16
    in August. 

  11. Alia Phelps (Heinous)

    I get a bit depressed and angry when I am low on blood sugar. I usually
    hide in my room.

  12. The only reason I’m watching this video is because my girlfriend just got
    digenosed with hypoglycemia and i have no idea how to react😥

  13. how are you now Alia? how are u dealing with your hypoglycemia? i was
    diagnosed too of this health problem last month and it’s been like hell. 🙁

  14. Alia Phelps (Heinous)

    +olive oyl I was put on medication to treat ADHD. It was causing me
    problems with my blood sugar, energy and depression. It has improved a lot
    since I was taken of the medication. I drink a protein shake, soda and eat
    a bagel in the morning. I drink a vitamin water during lunch and have
    dessert at night. I don’t have a blood sugar Meter. I keep snack items with
    me wherever I go, to keep my blood sugar up.

  15. +Alia Phelps good for you. me, i am still getting the hang of it. i am
    scheduled for a thorough test this 27th to really check what’s going on as
    the symptoms don’t go away. i am even afraid to go out nor drive because,
    when i get hungry, i feel like passing out everytime…

  16. I feel off balance lot like disequilibrium! mainly comes on during alot of
    salt or sugar intake, Got an inner ear problem too! I notice if I eat well
    like my greens! I feel better but I eat so much rubbish!

  17. I get the same way. be careful with that. when your body starts reacting to
    low blood sugar its super low. get something to eat as soon as you can.
    I’ve fainted before. there’s something called a diabetic coma that can
    happen if you let it go on too long.

  18. This is very helpful. I do feel most of these symptoms, but in addition to
    this I feel at this a very sharp and constant sort of headache, and I feel
    as if I had a nail driving through the side of my head. Could this be

  19. Lexies Random Things

    I live with hypoglycemia and its easy I never carry food with me I just get
    really hungry at school sometimes so my mom packs one slim jim mini to eat
    between locker breaks

  20. I have the same symptoms. I’m actually seeing my doctor this month so he
    will be informed.

  21. MultiGameFreakz

    i have glycogen storage disease type 3a with muscle and liver involvement,
    i get hypoglycemia and its horrible, i get cold clammy sweats really bad
    actually just drips off me, ive just bought a new medical bracelet because
    i have a really bad episode last week and was nearly passing out

  22. Wow. Terrific. Clear. Concise. Insightful. Sensible.

  23. I dont have diabetes but i do have hypoglycemia so do i treat it the same
    way or differently if someone could anwser this as soon as possible that
    would be great!

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    diagnosed with the type 2 diabetes. I has been managing diabetes through
    diet and walk. But now I must include drugs as it’s going out of control
    without medications. I got to know this because of the feeling of light
    headedness and dizziness. No symptom should be ignored.*

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