Hypoglycemia Signs/Symptoms Nursing

Hypoglycemic Episode Insulin Overdose reduced bloodsugar


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Hypoglycemia Signs/Symptoms   Nursing

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Hypoglycemia Signs/Symptoms Nursing

Hypoglycemic Episode Insulin Overdose low bloodsugar


  1. It comes in different forms ..what he says in the video is exactly right!
    But I guess he can’t go in detail of all the mental / physical issues that
    you mite get! There is way to many things connected to this! Do yourself a
    favor before step 2 hits you like a ton of bricks! Your body told you with
    anxiety attacks and hopelessness feeling now it’s up to you to listen to
    the signs! Good luck!

  2. Your not alone!! Look around this site and the comments and others
    here!!…The reason why were here and asking questions. IS Because at one
    point we had asked the same question you just did! Imagine all this because
    of FOOD! What the hell! lol…lol…Sounds stupid I know! But C_LA VIE!
    accept it!

  3. StarcraftAlphaBeta

    I have this exact problem, it’s destroying my life. What do I do?

  4. Do not let it, it is mangeable !!!!!! Stay close to your doctor and work
    out a plan !!!! Have hope. It can be managed!!!!!

  5. I have/ had all those symptoms quit often…

  6. I think the lesson. But camera man may have hypoglycemia. Shaking too much.

  7. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i laughed from my heart

  8. I have all those symptoms but the sweating…… uhhhh? what do I do?

  9. this was great, thank you 🙂

  10. It would be a shame for you not to lose weight when other people are able
    to lose weight easily with Mimmu Fat Blast (go google it).

  11. Thanks for this information. I’ve known of this but not in this detail. I
    am not diabetic. (PCOS) Like today, my first hypo episode in 10+ years, I
    was fine got up went to the restroom & felt like I was going to pass out. I
    quickly got out & laid down hollering for my husband’s help. Then suddenly
    sweats, tingles in all limbs& in my head, nausea, feelings of near
    unconscious, confusion & couldn’t speak right. Fortunately my husband knew
    what I was trying to say & saved me – on my birthday.

  12. Typical dr.s won’t help you. Mostly because there is no drug to prescribe.
    It’s a life style change. It can be cured by changing your diet. No more
    sugar, at all. A good book to start with is called, Hypoglycemia, The
    Disease Your Doctor Won’t Treat. If you can find an Integrated Dr. or
    Holistic Dr. they will know how to help you. Those are the only ones. If
    they aren’t Integrated Dr.s or Holistic Dr.s don’t mention hypoglycemia to
    them, they will just cause you more harm, seriously.

  13. The hospital won’t help. The standard Medical schools don’t train Dr.s for
    this because there is no drug for it. It’s a racket. It’s a very confusing
    situation that is too deep to get into now. But the ONLY Dr.s that can
    treat this or diagnose it properly are called Integrated MD’s or Holistic
    Dr.s. You can find them online.

  14. charlieandmemakefun

    Found out I’m type 1 in August. I’ve gone down to 2.8 mmol/l (50mg/dl) 4
    times. I’ve had lots of lows. They changed my night insulin from 28 to 25,
    23, 20 and finally 14 units. I take 14/14 now and have not had a low and
    sugars are doing well. It’s not fun having a low blood sugar. The first
    time I was pouring sweat and shaking violently. I was damn near ready to
    attack someone I was so pumped with adrenaline.

  15. ilovesmoothieking

    yea trying being diabetic with depression and hormonal imbalance its lovely
    everyday sucks if its not one thing its another

  16. it is very hard, like the perfect storm, however, your life is valuble,
    special, and the issues are manageable , with hopes of many bright days in
    the future.it is hard to see at times.

  17. Thanks for the vid. Plz use a tripod 

  18. For those who don’t know – you can have non-diabetic hypoglycemic.

  19. I have reactive hypoglycemia and it just makes me sweat, go pale, and feel
    like I’m going to puke.Then I get an apple and im back to normal. 

  20. I’m glad I came across this. I’ve taken the test to see if I have diabetes
    or if I’m hypoglycemic, and I was told by my doctor that I’m not. However,
    my mother was told the same thing when she took the test and she has the
    same symptoms. I have experienced 2-3 episodes so far in the past three
    years. I don’t understand where this came from, I didn’t have issues when I
    was in middle school or before that.

  21. +Lunablack14 You can buy a glucometer and test your own blood regularly if
    you are concerned.