How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a treatable condition. As a nutritional disease, it demands a nutritional treatment. The principles are outlined here.


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How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a curable disease. As a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles are outlined here.


  1. Is this only for type 2 diabetes?

  2. Yes. For type 2 diabetes.

  3. Jason, I’ve also heard that eating a lot of fat will block the cells from
    receiving the sugar they need. The sugar cannot penetrate the layer of fat
    surrounding the cells. Your opinion on this? Thanks.

  4. I don’t really think so.

  5. Tecumseh Sherman

    Hi doc, my father suffers from diabetes. How can I get him on your

  6. gosh this is making a LOT of sense…

  7. *I have type 2 diabetics for over two years now, I am overweight, and have
    desired to lose weight through the best natural way. Thank God for this
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    *** ]. It
    has not being easy to lose weightsuffering from diabetes, but now I know
    that with the right diet and exercise with discipline it is achievable.
    Eating right is good not only for health but also for weight.*

  8. Just one week, the blood sugar of my mom decreased from 5.9 to 5.3. This
    product really helps her.

  9. I have heard the same thing. It seems to me that carbs and not fat are the
    most natural source of energy for humans (fruits for example).
    I guess being healthy and avoiding diabetes takes a different approach that
    being a diabetic looking to reverse diabetes. In the latter case, maybe
    higher fat will help to prevent higher insulin levels (?)

  10. 20:25 “..they’ll want you to sign up for experimental drug trials.” Lol
    exactly. Using us as guinea pigs for “big pharma” (pharmaceutical

  11. your the man , I just came from the hospital in the bronx and I dont want
    to take insulin . I let my self go and now have to reclaim my health , I am
    puerto rican and everyone in my family has diebetes

  12. Well, you gave a lot of informations and i want to thank you for that but i
    still believe that the most efficient way to reverse diabetes is by
    following a good diabetes reverse program. I know there’s plenty out there
    but there’s some few proven and highly recommended by experts such as David
    Andrews’s diabetes reverse program (i’m not sure i pronounced it right) or
    John Efflis program. I think it all depends on the motivation of the

  13. how can i get the David Andrews’s program and from where?

  14. the link to the program is broken i guess

  15. im diabetic this is a load of rubbish tony uk

  16. This is the logical way of treating most metabolic disease.

  17. My GP diagnosed with diabetes type 2. At the time I was 31 stone my gp
    wanted me to have medication which I refused. I decided weight was the
    problem and I started a diet of eating no more than 800 calories one day
    and the next day I do not eat other than a piece of fruit. It has taken 18
    months and now I am 13 stone and HbA1c is normal in fact it is very
    normal. I did get anaemia so started to eat 600 calories every day plus
    lots of vitamins, iron, vit B12. After 8 weeks my bloods are now normal.
    They want me to eat every day but I still eat nothing on 1 day of the
    week. It is working and the diabetes is a thing of the past

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  19. Chengez Hussaini

    Wonderful work Dr. Fung and God bless you. I wanted to know if a patient
    with normal weight heightwise can safely implement the idm program without
    losing too much weight?

  20. I would do a ketogenic diet as well!

  21. Has your father’s health been better since you commented?

  22. I wanted to hear what you had to say about the fats clogging up your
    arteries…. I’m scared of a high fat diet, i did it before for 8 months
    and got chest pain (hearth)

  23. Man i know.I’m going to be hungry so hell.but i got to do this.i really
    want to see what happens.I’m going to fast 4 days a week.I’m just going to
    take on Fridays.and go right back to fasting.until i feel
    like my self again.until my feet eye and going to the bathroom .and my
    private parts.stop acting I’m going to be I’m going to
    be hungry.that’s O.K..that’s cool.i got to be strong.

  24. He’s conveniently leaving out (thus far at minute 12) just what accounts
    for the increased levels of insulin – SUGAR/GLUCOSE! Also, if as he says
    there is ‘too much insulin’ – which I don’t really doubt – how does he
    know? Has he measured? Can he measure?

  25. And it is stated that high sugar is a symptom. Yes and no. High sugar is a
    lethal weapon that brings — complications. Lower the sugar, reduce the
    complications. Also if in the end, dietary changes are all that are
    recommended, then you are going to be TOTALLY dependent on STICKING to
    those changes because if not, high sugar leads to complications and we’re
    right back at it. I am for trying to manage this all by diet and nutrition
    alone, and I too am skeptical of adding in insulin to the rotation when no
    one really knows what anyone’s insulin levels are or how much we can still
    produce. It’s just that I think Mr/Dr Fung is going way overboard with his
    Rx. I also think he’s a little bit slick with the notion that in the end it
    all goes to he ll with diabetes that the road is ONLY downhill even with
    medications. That is not borne out by the statistics.

  26. I am prediabetes and starting intermitten fasting. My eating window is 7
    hours. Is it too much to add fruites, like peaches, apples, plum or banana
    between the meals or after meals? My diet is high protein/fat , low carb. I
    afraid with fruits in this window of time would spike insulin, which defeat
    the purpose of trying to lower insulin. Thank you.

  27. ummmmm.exercise?

  28. Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for
    diabetes *[ Diabetescurediets .com ]*

  29. Jason Fung, I have been teaching this same concept for years, and have
    reversed the disease in every patient of mine who has made the decision to
    commit to changing their eating habits. Reversed = weaned totally off
    medications, and they are in perfect control. I would love to work together
    one day! Heather Green-Ortiz, DNPc, FNP-C

  30. Dr. you’re touting “antibiotics” – inserting the use of it…when IN FACT,
    antibiotics are dangerous!