How to Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into Diabetes

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SUMMARY: Roughly 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes, yet only concerning 1 in 10 understands it. What functions a lot better at stopping it from developing into full-on diabetes– drugs or diet and workout?

I typically listen to the diet plan and also workout treatment called 60% reliable. That's still nearly twice as efficient as the medicine, but that other study really revealed it may be much more like 100% in individuals who actually do it. So is diet plan and workout 100% effective or 60% efficient? On a populace scale, since so many people won't in fact do it, it may just be 60% reliable. However on an individual degree, if you need to know exactly what are the chances you will not get diabetes if you alter your way of life, then the ONE HUNDRED% solution is much more exact. Way of life treatments just function when we do them. Kale is just healthy if it in fact gets involved in our mouth. It's not healthy and balanced just remaining on the shelf.

Exactly how around preventing prediabetes in the first place? See Preventing Prediabetes By Consuming More () and also my following video clip How you can Prevent Prediabetes in Children( ).

Some things we may want to avoid could be located in my video clips Eggs and also Diabetes mellitus () as well as Fish and Diabetes ().

As well as what if we currently have the condition? See Diabetics Need to Take Their Pulses () and my new real-time presentation From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Illness with Diet regimen ().

What if you don't have time for workout? Check out Standing Up for Your Health and wellness ().

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How To Prevent Prediabetes From Turning Into Diabetes

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How to Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into Diabetes

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DESCRIPTION: Approximately 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes, but only about 1 in 10 knows it. What works better at preventing it from turning into full-blown diabetes—drugs or diet and exercise?

I often hear the diet and exercise intervention described as 60% effective. That’s still nearly twice as effective as the drug, but that other study really showed it may be more like 100% in people who actually do it. So is diet and exercise 100% effective or only 60% effective? On a population scale, since so many people won’t actually do it, it may only be 60% effective. But on an individual level, if you want to know what are the chances you won’t get diabetes if you change your lifestyle, then the 100% answer is more accurate. Lifestyle interventions only work when we do them. Kale is only healthy if it actually gets into our mouth. It’s not healthy just sitting on the shelf.

How about preventing prediabetes in the first place? See Preventing Prediabetes By Eating More ( and my next video How to Prevent Prediabetes in Children(

Some things we may want to avoid can be found in my videos Eggs and Diabetes ( and Fish and Diabetes (

And what if we already have the disease? See Diabetics Should Take Their Pulses ( and my new live presentation From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Diet (

What if you don’t have time for exercise? Check out Standing Up for Your Health (

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  1. I was able to convince my dad to stop eating the wrong food and start a
    plant-based diet with the only goal of reversing his diabetes and stop
    taking medications. He is now diabetes free thanks to all the amazing
    information that people like you are sharing with the world. Thank you!

  2. Can we put this on every nightly news show, 60 minutes, 20/20, morning
    shows and the like??? Oh how I wish!!! Thank you Dr. Greger! :)

  3. Thanks, Doc!!!!

  4. I’m glad to hear your dad did all this and now is fine! Greetings to him
    and may he have a long healthy life now! 🙂 And if you wanna give back
    something, just spread the facts and word about it around just like this
    Doctor here did before to you, so you will help others to survive and stay
    healthy aswell 🙂

  5. Sadly big business mafia won’t allow this to happen. They want to earn the
    money with cruel animal killing and selling so they will do all they can to
    fight this fact spreading :/

  6. +spantherix You are so right! Let’s keep educating and turn this train
    around. Get the masses to lead instead of the other way around. Vegan

  7. But is it really *news?* The problem isn’t that people aren’t *aware* that
    uncontrolled eating leads to poor health. They just don’t *care* enough to
    stop doing it. They put short-term pleasure above long-term happiness – all
    day, every day. We are already seeing many TV programmes highlighting the
    issues yet the problem is getting worse.

  8. +Raymond Gray Nope, not news, you’re right Raymond. The general public
    watches the news and those outlets, mostly rubbish. How about we listen and
    watch what is for the best health, and wellness for all instead of the
    standard fair of murder shows and other trash? The world would be a much
    better place, no doubt. 🙂

  9. Plant Based Fitness

    +Clan Chattan I’m in a similar situation. It’s not like I am proud of
    animal products being added where they are not needed. It is just that
    with the way things are it is impossible to avoid. I don’t like using the
    term vegan on myself although others will say I am. I prefer to think of
    it as low impact living.


    Did you hear how we can prevent prediabetes from turning into diabetes?

    Watch this week’s video below or click the link to watch on

  11. Congrats. Plants for the win.

  12. Where can I find WHAT diet and lifestyle changes to make? How much
    exercise? Eat what? Plant-based I understand but any specific needs for

  13. Thank you very much for your videos.

    I was an athlete for most of my life. I wrestled, boxed, ran 2-3 miles
    every day. Ive biked centuries and was also a PGA Golf Pro. As I got older
    my desire to workout started to fade. Unfortunately I did not change my
    diet as my level with my decreased levels of physical activity. I started
    to gain weight but… that wasnt the worst part.

    A friend of mine watched a documentary about the obesity epidemic in
    America. There was a scene showing children with Acanthosis Nigricans. She
    noticed that I also had a similar dark patch on the back of my neck. As I
    did more research I learned that I had other symptoms of Acanthosis
    Nigricans. This was not only embarrassing but it worried me very much. My
    Father is pre diabetic, so genetically I am prone. I thought that I was
    doing the right things, I didnt think that I was in such a poor state of
    physical health.

    I started doing lots of research and learned that the best way to reverse
    this malady is to follow a plant based diet. I started watching a lot of Dr
    Joel Fuhrman lectures and also bought his book, Eat to Live. While watching
    an Eat to Live video a video of yours was shown that supported a lot of Dr
    Fuhrmans claims.

    This has given me a lot of hope that I can naturally reverse my pre
    diabetic condition. Keep up the great work. Poorly nutritional educated
    people like myself need more of information you provide!

  14. Cause’ they’re fat cats.

  15. +LunaCherry2 You could read the following books:Vegan for Life – Ginny
    Messina and Jack Norris
    Becoming Vegan – Brenda Davis and Velsanto Melina

    otherwise, the following website contains everything you need to know:

  16. +LunaCherry2 I’m no expert, but my daughter and her husband, both are
    vegans, and have stomach trouble, and can not eat a lot of what they ate
    before. I don’t know this caused, it but it’s worth looking into.

  17. +The Vegan Corner I’m no expert, but my daughter and her husband, both are
    vegans, and have stomach trouble, and can not eat a lot of what they ate
    before. I don’t know this caused it but it’s worth looking into.

  18. daydreamerlizzy

    +LunaCherry2 I would check out Forks Over Knives which would be the most
    smooth transition. Other wise there are also books and websites by Kimberly
    Snyder, Happy Herbivore, the Engine 2 Diet (first guy I’ve seen talk about
    it), Kris Carr and the newest coming out this year from Beyonce’s
    Trainer/Dietitian The 22 day Revolution. Then it gets a little more intense
    with YouTubers Fully Raw Kristina and FreeLee the Banana Girl. Even if I
    don’t necessary follow all their methods/ variations of healthy vegan
    living they all have great information. Just make sure whatever lifestyle
    you pick is plant based and that you don’t turn into a junk food vegan.

  19. What if you have type 2 does exercise still work? :/

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  21. +LunaCherry2
    We explain the exact system required to activate your brown adipose tissue
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    controlling your blood sugar. Go Here >>=====>> >>

  22. +Jenny R. Deyo Well that’s 30 minutes of my life I won’t get back. No need
    to buy what you’re selling. Just eat a whole food, plant based, high carb,
    low fat diet. No diabetes lives here.

  23. don’t believe fucking vegans, basically they will kill you. if you are
    diabetes patients, you need to cut out carbs no matter what.

  24. Thanks a lot Dr. Greger! :-)

  25. preach! carbs are carbs, whether they come from a donut or a banana.

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  29. i have pre diabetes but I’m trying to gain weight D: i need carbs but i
    can’t eat carbs D’:

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  31. Michael B. Brixey

    I plan on eliminating my diabetes this year and using this book as a guide
    to lose weight, get healthy. There are wonderful and inspiring stories of
    people who had diabetes throughout the book; the information is backed up
    by research. You will lose weight if you follow this plan.

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  33. I hope you enjoy the book.

  34. Nice book. Very useful.

  35. okay, so changing one’s diet is the best way to prevent diabetes, but what
    are those dietary changes? the above video never tells us

  36. short-gaming-clips

    I’m 13 and have prediabetes, I’m starting to exercise for 1 hour a day and
    have tried to stop eating foods with sugar and start eating more veggies,
    if I do this can the prediabetes be reversed?!

  37. High Fat diet.

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  42. Dominique Pordeus

    According to the studies in this video, yes! 🙂

  43. Diabetes Destroyer

    I like this!