How To Choose a Skin Whitening Product.

How To Choose a Skin Whitening Product.

How To Choose a Skin Whitening Product.

Hello, Wish Trenders.
Cause there were many subscribers who want some recommendations about whitening products, We prepared this video. Here are essential tips for choosing a proper whitening product. Eunice will give some DIY Whitening Tips as well, so keep tune in! ^^
If you have any questions and asks regarding Beauty, feel free to ask by commenting below. Thank you always!

I'd like to apologize for the following 2 things to correct in this video.
1. 05:35 / The right spelling of the 4th whitening ingredient is 'Niacinamide'
Thanks to 'crystalbeauty' for telling us about it!
2. 12:23 / The 3rd natural method for whitening is omitted from this video. The 3rd method is cleansing with Green tea. It is very simple. First, Brew a green tea bag in lukewarm water. And next, wash up your face with the water. Last, finish washing with clean and cold water. This green tea cleansing is great for soothing skin troubles and brightening skin tone. And it is also good for moisturizing and pore tightening as well. Thanks to 'xn2u' for asking about it!

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