How to Beat Breakouts (Acne Skincare Tips) | Model Recommends

How to Beat Breakouts (Acne Skincare Tips) | A Model Recommends


La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - delivers worldwide: - if they haven't any, then you can order on Boots but they don't ship worldwide I don't think... Boots are here:
IMPORTANT! In the US, Duo is a spot treatment, NOT the all-over treatment that we have in the UK!

OK, here's a skin update video for you. I hope that these few acne and breakout tips help a few of you at least! It's really hard to know which products work and which are making your acne worse or aggravating it, so my main rules would be:
1) Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle-yet-effective cleanser. If you want more recommendations, have a look at all of the ones I've reviewed on my site:
2) Cut out eating sugar and junk food. It REALLY works!
3) Don't use harsh topical scrubs (with big bits in them! Those Apricot ones are the worst culprits.) They really aggravate already aggravated skin. If it's a fine scrub, that's OK, but avoid those cheap and nasty ones with huge lumps in!
4) Cleanse again.
5) Give the Effaclar Duo a go, if you can. It's literally the best thing so far I've tried for my adult breakouts, I can't imagine it would be any less effective on teen skin.
Ruth xx

Read more about Liquid Gold here:

111Skin Cleanser: Harrods

Alpha-H Clear Skin Cleanser:

Dr Jart Bubble Foam:

Superfacialist Neroli Cleanser:

Murad SPF15 Mattifier:

Givenchy Eclat Mattisme (I use shade 4)

Clarins Powder Foundation:

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold:

Alpha-H Serum:

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