How I Cleared My Skin : My Acne Story from Severe Acne to Clear Skin

How I Cleared My Skin : My Acne Story from Severe Acne to Clear Skin

When I was 13, I had a crush on this guy and someone asked him if he liked me.
& He said "Are you kidding me? She's got mountains on her forehead"
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The products I used to get fade my acne scars -

~ So this is my acne journey and how I got rid of my cystic acne (on my face, chest and back).
I am in no way recommending anyone to do what I do and take what I have taken in order to get rid of their acne, as I know there are side effects that may be harmful
- I forgot to mention to everyone that girls have to go get blood tests with their dermatologists once a month + pregnancy tests + be on 2 forms of birth control.

This is what I did and I have been cystic acne free for 6+ years now.
As for acne scars, I let time do it's thing, I'm using Bio-Oil to further help with the process as I have heard many great things about it in terms of acne scar healing
~ I'm currently in the "testing phase" of this product, been applying it to my sunspots and my acne scars, has been good on my sunspots, but I cannot say for sure if it worked for me with the acne scars or not. I do have a skincare routine up that explains the products that I used after my treatment which has definitely helped with evening out my skin tone throughout the years.
My Skincare routine (with Drugstore products that work):

I apologize for not providing any pictures of what my skin was like before, I was very self conscious and had super super super low confidence back then and avoided pictures like the plague. I wanted to share this because a lot of people are under the impression that I've always had clear skin but that is definitely not the case.

My Everyday makeup routine: || ||

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