Homemade Beauty Products Recipes – Customized Skin Care on the Cheap!

Homemade Beauty Products Recipes - Customized Skin Care on the Cheap!

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Homemade Beauty Products Recipes - Customized Skin Care on the Cheap!

Homemade beauty products recipes allow you to use all-natural ingredients and avoid putting harmful chemicals on your skin and hair. You may feel too intimidated to try making your own fragrances, bath products, skin creams and cosmetics, but there is no reason to be. You can even try your hand at making the beautiful decorative soaps that you see at your local bath and body stores; the lovely products you can make are limitless. These products are EASY to make and a lot of fun too. In fact, many are so simple to make that older children can make them to give as gifts.

Homemade beauty products recipes often incorporate ingredients straight out of your pantry. In mere minutes, you can make fun colored and scented bath salts, lip balms, facial and body scrubs, bath bombs and more. If you have common ingredients such as brown sugar and sea salt, olive oil, plain yogurt and the like in your pantry or refrigerator, you already have many of the basics you need. You may need to do a little shopping before making some recipes, but very few recipes are expensive to make.

Homemade beauty products recipes can easily be altered to suit your individual preferences. For example, if the lotion recipe you are using incorporates a fragrance or essential oil not to your tastes, you can substitute one that you like without any problem or consequence. If you'd like your lotion to be a thicker or thinner consistency, then you only need to adjust the amount of water added to your recipe. Don't like peppermint bath salts? Make lavender or sandalwood scented ones instead! The possibilities for customizing these recipes are entirely up to you!

Homemade beauty products recipes allow you to save a lot of money over their commercial counterparts. Did you know that some products such as bath salts are marked up an astronomical 600%? It's simply outrageous, especially when you find out how quick and easy it is to make many beauty and spa treatments. Just last night, I made a batch of lavender bath salts in less than five minutes with very inexpensive ingredients: Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, glycerin and lavender essential oil. You might pay as much as $15.00 in a bath and body store for these salts; I made them for a small fraction of this cost. You can too--and other great skin care and bath products as well.

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