High and Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

It could be crucial to acknowledge the difference in between reduced and high blood glucose signs. Being able to identify when you're high or reduced and sugar can assist you to handle your diabetes.

Where possible, it's best to contact your blood sugar meter, whether you are high or low, prior to taking any kind of therapeutic action.

The signs of high blood sugar level could include:

– Boosted thirst
– Dry mouth
– Enhanced cravings
– Regular should pee
– Feeling lethargic
– Blurred vision

If blood glucose is routinely high you could obtain reoccurring episodes of yeast infection.

Low and high blood sugar level symptoms:

Diabetes signs and symptoms:
Diabetes indicators:


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High And Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

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High and Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

It can be important to recognise the difference between low and high blood sugar symptoms. Being able to spot when you're high or low and sugar can help you to manage your diabetes.

Where possible, it's best to check with your blood glucose meter, whether you are high or low, before taking any remedial action.

The symptoms of high blood sugar can include:

- Increased thirst
- Dry mouth
- Increased hunger
- Frequent need to urinate
- Feeling lethargic
- Blurred vision

If blood sugar is regularly high you may get recurrent episodes of thrush.

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  1. what is considered a low reading if you are not a diagnosed Diabetic?

  2. Anything below 70.

  3. Mine was just over 600

  4. guilhermejrmarin

    actually between 70-100 is ok if you just ate

  5. JihadFisabilillah25

    I had, concentrationproblems, slurred speach, moodswings, hands shaking,
    increased hunger, my bloodsugar was at 10.9 mmol/l

  6. Same stuff happens to mre every day and I am alive thank god

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  9. I know when my blood sugar levels are too low as I get shakes in my hands,
    lack of energy and concentration, not feeling quite right, spots before my
    eyes if the levels are really low and I sometimes blink a lot. Once I have
    something with a high sugar content in about 10 or so minutes I start to
    feel okay again.

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