Dry & Sensitive Skincare Routine + Moisturising TIPS!

Sensitive Dry Skincare Routine + Tips

A few basic yet effective ways to combat dry, flaky and sensitive skin! Also includes tips on which products to use for moisturising & hydrating!

Nothing is more annoying than dry and flaky skin, especially in Winter. Dry skin also prevents most people from achieving a flawless face after applying foundation, concealer and even eye primer. With no correct method to fight it, dry skin can leave us feeling uncomfortable, irritated and less confident.

Here are a few basic yet effective ways to deal with dry & sensitive skin.


- Calming Facial Cleansing Wipes (Green Tea) - SWISSPERS
- Mild Papaya Peeling - THE FACE SHOP
- Oil-Free Daily Scrub - NEUTROGENA
- Gentle Moist Aloe Gel - WISHTREND
- Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion - THE FACE SHOP
- Lip petroleum gel - VASELINE

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