DIY Whipped Coconut "Oil/Cream" – Natural Curly Hair and Skin Care

DIY Whipped Coconut "Oil/Cream" - Natural Curly Hair and Skin Care

Hi YouTube! This is another one of my DIY videos. This is one for both your Skin and/or Hair (I use it for both.) I use the "Oil/Cream" as a part of some of my mixed recipes and will add other ingredients to it. I mainly use the mix for my Skin (Face & Body Moisturizer) however, I do also add a little of it to my DIY Flaxseed Gel on occasion.

When making this you need to make sure your coconut oil is a semi solid (not completely melted down but also not rock solid) and you need to use a whisk to whip it up. You can not use a blender otherwise your oil will melt down due to the heat of the blades. If you use an electric whisk, the preparation time will be much quicker versus using a hand held whisk (like it did) but both work just as well. The electric whisk just requires no work on your part :).

I Hope you enjoy the video!

1.5 - 2 cups of pure Coconut Oil
A few drops of Essential Oil (Optional)
A whisk (either electric or manual hand held)

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