DIY Natural SKIN CARE ROUTINE for Acne & Blemish Prone Skin! Get Rid of Acne & Scars FAST Naturally!

(DIY) Basil Toner for Acne & Scars | Natural SKIN CARE ROUTINE to get rid of Acne | Himani Wright

DIY Acne Toner Spray!! Discover my secrets! ❤ Here's a collection of Best DIY Treatments for Acne, Pimples and Scars!!! DIY How to Get Rid of ACNE, PIMPLES, ZITS & SCARS with Natural Skin Care Routine!!! (For all Skin Tones)

Get Raw Supplies:
Basil Leaves:

1. Dried Basil Leaves 4 tsps: It is anti-bacterial, anti-septic and it removes dark spots
2. Water 1 Cup



DIY Acne Cleanser:

DIY Acne Mud Face Pack:

DIY How to Get Rid of Acne Scars:


Exfoliating Brush:
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If you have Acne and Blemish prone skin, this will be the best skin care routine for you!

I hope you enjoy my Ayurvedic home remedy. I have talked about my secret ingredient in this video which I don't hear many people talk about. It is dried basil leaves (Tulsi in Hindi)!

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All these DIYs have worked really well for me. I really hope you give it a go! This is not a sponsored video. Some links are affiliate links.