DIY Home Health – Natural Body Care Pt. 1 – Preview

DIY Home Health - Natural Body Care Pt. 1 - Preview

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Natural Skin Care
Our largest body organ is our skin. Healthy skin helps promote a healthy person. Learn how to care for your whole family's skin needs. Jana and Ben will demonstrate how to use natural ingredients to make your own inexpensive skin care preparations at home.

Clean Your Home Naturally
Many commercial home cleaning products purchased across the counter contain harsh chemicals which leave a residue and can cause allergic reactions. Jana and Ben will show you how to make and use your own natural allergy friendly home cleaning products.

About the Presenters
Jana trained as a Lifestyle and Health Counsellor at Uchee Pines Health Institute, Alabama, USA a prominent natural health education centre specializing in recovery from many western lifestyle illnesses. She has also worked at Arche Health Centre in Germany and the TGM Institute in Austria. She, with her husband Ben, conduct health seminars in Australia and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Ben is a carpenter by trade and has undertaken short course training and work experience in natural health. He has also worked in the health institutes where Jana has worked and assists her in her natural health presentations.

Filmed at Steps to Life Studio in February 2013