Best of Australia – HD (Our World Is Awesome)

Best of Australia - HD (Our World Is Awesome)

Welcome to Down Under. Australia is a beautiful and amazing country. It is a land of incredible beauty and vast natural diversity. Check out my Best of Australia compilation.

It is my first compilation ever made. It took me over 100 hours to research clips, learn how to use Sony Vegas and edit. Tell me what you think.

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The list of all videos used for this compilation:

Selection and Editing: Me 🙂
Researcher: Also Me 🙂
Song #1: Mark Tyner - "Feel Like Me"
Mark Tyner (Facebook):
Mark Tyner (Soundcloud):
Mark Tyner (YouTube):

Song #2: Stryv - "Stryv - Strike"
Stryv (Facebook):
Stryv (Soundcloud):
Stryv (Twitter):
Stryv (YouTube):

Song #3: Meizong - "Colossus (Original Mix)"
Meizong (Facebook):
Meizong (Soundcloud):
Meizong (Twitter):
Meizong (YouTube):

All songs are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.