Anti Aging Skincare Secrets and Advice

Anti Aging Skincare Secrets and Advice


Hi Youtube Fam,
Wow this video was record setting long hehehe! I hope this video was helpful to those that wanted to know more about my skincare routine. I have quite the routine but your skin is so precious and so important to take good care of it. SPF and a great night moisturizer should be your must haves and no wrinkling of the forehead hahahahaha! You don't need to walk around with a stiff face either (dying laughing) in the end they key to a youthful appearance is laughter and a happy heart!
I will list all the products mentioned in the morning as I wanted to get this video up for you. Missed you all bunches and cant thank you for your patience. Not having a view finder on my new camera is driving me nuts hehehe but I love it.

All my love,
P.s.. Didn't Daisy look like she was thinking " be quite already" lol!
♥Links to all products mentioned or where you can purchase:
**Step 1. Toners:
♥Time Revolution The First Treatment (Brand is by MISSHA) (was gifted to me) Love it!
or you can purchase it cheaper through Amazon: $32.30
**This product states its for:
Wrinkle repair and prevention
Complexion Brightening
Sebum Balancing
Pore reduction
♥Michael Todd True Organics Lemon Toner Paid $14.40 w/my discount that will automaically show up when you click link at checkout ( I DO NOT EARN COMMISSIONS)
**Step 2 and 3 Serums:
♥ASDM Beverly Hills Skincare line: (Highly recommend)
♥Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum Paid $24.95

♥La Belleza 20% Vitamin C Serum Paid $23.95

♥Pure Matrixyl 3000 Complex Paid $35

♥Garnier SPF 28
Skin Renew Dark Spot Anti-Sun Damage Paid $9
You can find this at any of your local drugstores. Make sure to google this product and print out cheapest price and you can take that to Walmart or Target and they will price match it 😉
**Cleansing and Night Time Routine:

♥Equate Wipes Paid $3.48 at Walmart (my favs)
♥Neutrogena Liquid soap Paid $8 at Walmart
♥Eye Cream: Fresh 'Crème Ancienne' Eye Cream Paid $110
♥H20+ Sea Results Overnight Perfecting Peel Paid $16
Purchased mine at TJ Maxx. You can also purchase it on ebay or amazon. Google this product to find the best deal or visit your local TJ Maxx or Marshals 😉
♥Marine Firming Complex Paid $26
♥Michael Todd True Organics Knu Serum Paid $120 w/discount
20% OFF ORGANIC LEMON TONER (My must have)
This link will direct you to automatic discount
** Weekly Facial Mask and Monthly Routine:
♥Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing
Paid $9.69 w/ free shipping

♥ PMD PRO Tool with Red Coarse Disk
Mine was sent to me for review a long time ago and have used it ever since. I have purchased the replacement disks cheaper through ebay but sellers always raise their prices. '
If you find this tool anywhere for a great price I highly recommend it!
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