Anti-Ageing: Neck Lift Exercises with Face Machine

Anti-Ageing: Neck Lift Exercises with Face Machine

Anti-Ageing Tua Tre'nd Facial Exercise Machine Review:

Tua Tre'nd:
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A sagging thinning neck is very ageing and apart from exercising the neck at home yourself to firm and lift it there's not a lot else you can do other than using some topicals to help promote collagen and elastin production but they can't dramatically effect the thickness of the neck in the way that exercise can. For me and my clients the best way to improve neck ageing issues is with a machine that uses microcurrent to passively work out facial muscles and particularly less-used muscle fibres and also to firm up the skin (by boosting collagen and elastin production which microcurrent does by exciting the dermis).

You can hold the wands static like I do in the video or you can sweep the wands up the sides of the neck in slow strokes during the contractions; it's up to you.

The static points I show you for the neck area are the same for Tua Tre'nd and Tua Viso.