6 Anti Aging Herbs For Longevity – EbestProducts

6 Anti Aging Herbs For Longevity - EbestProducts

Use these 6 anti aging herbs for longevity and younger look. Herbs have many uses when it comes to preventing aging. There are herbs you can use to reduce physical as well as mental decline. Here are some of the most popular herbs that can help you stay young.

1. Ginseng
Ginseng has long been touted as a wonderful herb for overall health but it also has many effects that can help reduce the stresses of aging. One of these is that it helps to keep you on an even keel, thus reducing the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body. It can also help to fight colds and reduce fatigue as well as sharpen the mind.

2. Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry)
Used in traditional Indian medicine, this herb has natural antioxidants and is effective in treating infectious diseases. In addition to strengthening your immune system, it also can relieve anxiety and depression. It is also thought to help your brain by stimulating the growth of dendrites and axons.

3. Gingko Biloba
This herb used in traditional Chinese medicine is very popular today and is known to increase oxygen levels in the brain. It increase the memory and cognitive function. Studies have shown that it may be able to improve the memory of Alzheimer’s patients.

4. St. John's Wort
St. John’s Wort helps the body to repair itself and is a great herb to take if you have insomnia. When taken orally, it can help revitalize you on the outside as it helps to repair damage done by daily stress and oxidation to the skin.

5. Gotu Kola (Indian Pennywort)
Gotu Kola is another herb that can be great for restoring youthfulness of the skin. It has been used for ages to help heal scars and burns and has natural restorative properties that can help rejuvenate the skin.

6. Milk Thistle
This herb has been used to treat the liver for thousands of years. The active compound, Silymarin helps the liver regenerate it’s own cells. The liver is what filters toxins out of the body, so the healthier it is the less effects of aging can drag us down.

There are many other herbs that may help you feel younger.However, some of them can have adverse affects on any medications. So, take the advise of doctors before using them.

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