4 Clues You Have Non Diabetic Hypoglycemia, Clear Lake, TX Nutritionist

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4 Clues You Have Non Diabetic Hypoglycemia, Clear Lake, TX Nutritionist

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4 Clues You Have Non Diabetic Hypoglycemia, Clear Lake, TX Nutritionist

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  1. Before starting a paleo diet I was experiencing low blood sugar and I still
    do. I’ve only figured it out just this week. I thought it was my 10 month
    battle with low vitamin d but those levels are officially back up as of
    last week. I’m now checking my sugar a few times a day. I have a schedule
    and I eat at 6-7 am noon-1 pm and 6-7 pm. In between I usually get hungry
    so I have a snack. I usually experience low blood sugar at the end of the
    day around dinner time even if I fuel an hour and a half before. My levels
    in the morning are fine. At night, I usually wake up shaky, hungry, and
    frequently nausea. I’m experimenting at the moment because as I mentioned
    before I’m new to all this.

  2. Dr. Arland Hill

    +Cole C, the symptoms that you mention when you wake up at night are
    classic indications of hypoglycemia. Take a look at the Paleo Food list at
    http://www.paleolifestyledoctor.com and you will find a list of starchy
    vegetables. Getting more of these in your diet can be a real benefit.