#30DayTesting Update of Organic Body Care Products!

#30DayTesting Update of Organic Body Care Products!

Hashtag: #30DayTesting

Let me present you most of the Certified Organic Body Care brands I am trying out for my #30DayTesting theme on http://OrganicLifestyleTV.

As you can see I am having tons of fun with all these amazing products. In this episode I am just sharing all the brand names with you. On a future episode I will presenting you my top picks. All these products were generously sent to me to be part on my #30DayTesting theme so THANK YOU to all these wonderful brands.

The Organic brands are:

- By Valenti Organics (http://www.byvalenti.com/affiliate/jrox.php?id=18_1_bid_14)
- Bubble & Bee Organics (http://www.bubbleandbee.com/servlet/StoreFront?affiliate_no=144)
- Chagrin Valley Soap (http://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com)
- Caseb Naturals (http://www.casebnaturals.com)
- Pangea Organics (http://www.pangeaorganics.com/ElaineSpringer)
- Josh Rosebrook (http://joshrosebrook.com)
- One not featured here yet but I will be receiving very soon is Essante Organics (http://www.essanteorganics.com/carlasanchez)

Have you tried these brands? Which are your favorite certified organic brands? Follow us and comment on our theme #30DayTesting in all our Social Media, let us know your thoughts:


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