3 DIY Natural Skincare Techniques

3 DIY Natural Skincare Techniques

Hey y'all!

These are some new ways that I've been taking care of my skin. I've only been using these techniques for a few weeks and I've noticed great results.

The nutrients in raw honey help to retain elasticity and help with wrinkles and antiaging. It also helps to moisturize and keeps acne away (it's antifungal).

Coconut oil (when used as a moisturizer) doesn't clog your pores after cleansing your skin first. I use it everyday when I wash my face, but I let it seep in for 30 minutes before doing anything to my skin.

Vitamin E helps out with antiaging and helps to fade acne scars.

Lemons are a natural skin lightener but they also help with fading the acne scars. Also, if you drink the beauty elixir that I mentioned, it helps to detox your body.

Like I said, I've noticed some really good results with these techniques and I have no intention of switching to a new regimen anytime soon.

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